Who we are and what we fight for

Together for change

We are an alliance of multinational companies coming together with a common goal: to create a way of measuring and comparing the value of contributions made by businesses to society, the economy, and the environment – a metric not previously reflected in a company's balance sheet. The Alliance translates environmental and social impacts into comparable financial data. Our members test the methodology to ensure feasibility, robustness, and relevance. 

What needs to be done

When companies take responsibility for the impact of their actions on people and the environment can we bring about real change toward sustainability. Our aim is to make the world better. We strive to enable corporate decision-makers to arrive at more conscious decisions for everyone while leading their businesses competitively into the future. This means comprehensively rethinking the way we achieve, measure and value business success across all sectors, the political sphere and society.

How we get there

Being commissioned by the EU to develop Green Accounting Principles, and working with the OECD on inclusive value chains, we’ve taken the first steps toward anchoring our approach throughout the broader economy. Supported by the major accounting firms, researchers and academia, and in close cooperation with standard setters, our goal is to establish a uniform, internationally recognised valuation method for calculating reliable sustainability metrics.

Our members: Our mission in words. 

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* The Transparent Project has received funding from the LIFE program of the European Union.

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