• Conference
  • hybrid
  • 8 Nov - 10 Nov 2021

INTEGRATE Conference 2021

INTEGRATE21, held virtually on Nov 8 - 10, will provide you with the tools and insights to know how to adopt, operationalise and execute on these global shifts. The keynotes include Robert Jackson, Former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who will provide on-the-ground details and information about the latest changes on climate change declaration and other coming changes and requirements at the SEC, and Scott Mather, EVP and CIO of PIMCO ($2.2T AUM), who will give an update on how the UNGC CFO Taskforce for the SDGs is progressing. Our CEO, Christian Heller, will be part of the panel:

Pricing Externalities to Inform Goal-Setting and Innovation

This panel sheds light on the already started future of performance measurement and its integration in decision making, reporting and company evaluation. Practitioners and Academia explain how methodologies are developed, piloted and tested in different applications and embedded in upcoming international regulation. Get inside how sustainability leaders shape the future of management accounting.

Sonja Haut - Head Strategic Measurement and Materiality | Novartis

Christian Heller - CEO | Value Balancing Alliance

Rob Zochowski - Program Director and Senior Researcher, Harvard Business School

Denise Weger - Senior Manager ESG, Strategic Initiatives | Novartis (Moderator)


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