• Conference
  • hybrid
  • 1 Dec 2021

Responsible Leadership – 10th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility 2021

“Responsible Leadership - 10th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility” is organized by the FAZ Institute, FAZ, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Schwalbach, Humboldt University Berlin and Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter. 

Some of the key questions of our conference are:

- what does “Responsible Leadership” mean today? 
- What competitive advantages result from the trend towards more “sustainability”? 
- In which new business models, processes and products should I invest? 
- What role do innovations play in the change towards more sustainability? 
- How do the others do it?

Our CEO, Christian Heller will be part of the discussion: Paths into the future: transformation through integration with Prof. Albrecht von Müller, German philosopher and entrepreneur, Steffen Erath, Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Hansgrohe, and will be moderated by Prof. René Schmidpeter, Professor for Sustainable Management and Founder M3TRIX.

For more information: https://www.responsibleleadership.de/programm/

Register here: https://www.responsibleleadership.de/anmeldung/