• Workshop
  • online
  • 8 October 2021

Workshop on Sustainability and Impact Measurement

How the sustainability of companies can be validly measured and evaluated remains unclear. Current studies show that ESG (Environment Social Governance) ratings are only weakly intercorrelated, i.e. a company can perform very well in one ESG rating and rather poorly in another. At the moment, there are many efforts by different organizations to make the human and environmental impact of companies more measurable and to assess the value of this impact, in part also in monetary terms. For example, not only the amount of CO2 an organization has saved, but also the resulting value of the avoided damage is being calculated. There also exist initial attempts to develop and pilot measurement methods for assessing the social impact. This complex of topics is referred to as Impact Measurement and Valuation. 


In this workshop, the Value Balancing Alliance and Uni Mannheim will provide insights into the status quo of the method development of the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA), which has recently successfully been piloting its approach with 11 member companies (including e.g. BASF and SAP). After an opening presentation from the scientific perspective by Prof. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons (Chair of Sustainable Business, University of Mannheim) and Dr. Judith Stroehle, Program Lead of the Oxford Said Initiative on Rethinking Performance (ORP) at Saïd Business School, participants will be able to gain insights into the methods of the VBA in breakout sessions.


This cross-sector and cross-functional workshop is designed for strategically minded companies interested in methods to better understand their impact on various stakeholders and environmental targets. The workshop is open to participants of all knowledge levels: Those for whom the topic is still new and also those who have been dealing with Impact Measurement and Evaluation and would like to exchange ideas and share their experiences, e.g., from the areas of Accounting, Controlling, Finance or Communication.


Friday, 8 October 2021 10 am to approx. 12 am via Zoom