Our members: 
Our mission in words.

Paul Penepent, Novartis

„Now more than ever we need to rethink the role of business in society and take a new perspective on value creation. The Value Balancing Alliance will help us to make better decisions to drive good growth and optimize our contribution to the environment, future generations and our shareholders“

Dr. Bob Maughon, SABIC

“As a global leader in the chemical industry, SABIC advocates for excellence in corporate reporting and the standardization of underpinning sustainability management accounting and steering systems. Adding perspectives from emerging markets such as the Middle East region, where SABIC is headquartered, is important as it broadens the diversity of viewpoints shaping this global methodology.” 

Kouji Eguchi, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings

„We define KAITEKI as “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth” and in order to realize KAITEKI we are working on creating sustainable Social Value through innovation and business model transformation as well as creating Economic Value. We are confident that the Value Balancing Alliance will be an important tool for KAITEKI value measurement in our value chain.“

Dirk Elvermann, BASF

“Within the VBA we join forces with leading companies, to turn the transformation and reporting challenge into a competitive advantage.”

Sebastian Rudolph, Dr. Ing. h.c. F., Porsche AG

„The Value Balancing Alliance is a great platform to enhance the quality of sustainable growth factors. We are convinced that this alliance will show the way to enable holistic and comparable measurement and steering. For Porsche, sustainability is paramount for future success.”

Kyong-Mok Cho, SK Energy

"The VBA is developing a practical tool to measure impact based on experiences of global companies in various industries and geographies."

Nicolas Beaumont, Michelin

„In a world of extreme and urgent challenges, we believe that a profound shift is taking place to value a company with its positive and negative impacts on society and the environment thus integrating sustainability aspects in core decision-making processes. Co-developing within the Value Balancing Alliance a new methodology for measuring company’s performance and behavior, leading the way to a more sustainable and more inclusive future for all, is fully in line with Michelin’s All-Sustainable approach, seeking to find the best balance between people fulfillment, economic development and protection of the planet and its inhabitants.”