Our members: 
Our mission in words.

Saori Dubourg, BASF

„Now more than ever we need to rethink the role of business in society and take a new perspective on value creation. The value balancing alliance will help us to make better decisions to drive good growth and optimize our contribution to the environment, future generations and our shareholders“

Berthold Fürst, Deutsche Bank

„Every day, we face growing economic, technological and social challenges so it is essential to anticipate how these will impact us and our clients - and to act accordingly.“

Yoshihiro Ikegawa, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings

„We define KAITEKI as “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth” and in order to realize KAITEKI we are working on creating sustainable Social Value through innovation and business model transformation as well as creating Economic Value. We are confident that the Value Balancing Alliance will be an important tool for KAITEKI value measurement in our value chain.“

Patrice Matchaba, Novartis

„The value balancing alliance aims to standardize impact valuation. We believe standardization is required in order to drive broader adoption and will ultimately serve stakeholders – including shareholders and governments – helping to effectively compare non-financial performance among companies. At Novartis, we have developed and tested our approach to Financial, Environmental and Social (FES) impact valuation, and we are interested in sharing our experience and exchanging with other like-minded companies to help evolve it further.“

Sebastian Rudolph, Dr. Ing. h.c. F.,   Porsche AG

„The Value Balancing Alliance is a great platform to enhance the quality of sustainable growth factors. We are convinced that this alliance will show the way to enable holistic and comparable measurement and steering. For Porsche, sustainability is paramount for future success.”

Lee Hyoung Hee, SK

„In a hyper connected society, businesses need to incorporate both economic value and social value into their strategy to create virtuous cycle in the value chain. We truly believe that the value balancing alliance will provide us a powerful tool to drive business innovation, effectively deal with pressing social problems and lead to blue ocean shift.“

Luka Mucic, SAP

„Connecting economic, social, and environmental impact needs to become the guiding principle for the way we evaluate and steer business. We want to help ensure that smart integration of Impact Measurement and Valuation will ultimately become standard practice.“