Our Practitioners

“Sustainability, as I see it, goes way beyond just being ‘green’" 
Florian Klinkhammer, BMW

"It requires a more holistic view – and it’s inclusive. Being sustainable means taking responsibility for everything we do, whether small or large scale, both privately and publicly. I am glad to be part of the Value Balancing Alliance, which transforms a company’s overall value contribution into comparable numbers and makes corporate responsibility tangible and transparent. I am convinced that this progressive approach brings a completely new perspective to our ecosystems – for a global understanding, inclusive transformation and better decision making.”

Thomas Birnmeyer, SAP

“Among the biggest value-adds during the first piloting phase was the constant and deep exchange of learnings with my peers at the other member companies!”

Ina Witte, Mitsubishi Chemical

“Managing our impact on society and nature is critical for us to work towards our vision of KAITEKI – the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth. The first VBA pilot has provided us with very valuable insights. The intensive exchange with other VBA member companies has helped us a lot in applying impact valuation for the first time. I very much appreciated the discussions in an open atmosphere and how we solved challenges together. Great teamwork!”

Raju AdhikariNovartis

“Novartis’ Social, Environmental and Economic impact valuation journey started in 2015. It’s exciting to share our insights and learnings with other companies – some less advanced in impact valuation. At the same time, we learn how companies in different sectors approach their own impact valuation. It is truly remarkable to observe how companies across industries and sectors are coming together with the sole purpose of learning just how robust and powerful the impact valuation approach can be and implementing it for decision making, holistic business steering and disclosures.”  

Christopher Sessar, SAP

“We want to change the way company performance is measured and valued. And that can only be done with a global measurement standard for disclosing the positive and negative impacts of corporate activity – as well as guidance on how this data can be integrated into business steering.”