Frankfurt, 01 July 2024

Announcement of Advisory Panel to the Value Balancing Alliance

We are proud to announce the establishment of our Advisory Panel. Following the decision by our Steering Committee, ...

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Frankfurt, 08 February 2024

Effectual Capital joins the Value Balancing Alliance

Monetization of full costs and benefits for society as common principle for the sustainable transformation of the economy Effectual Capital has joined the Value Balancing Alliance. Effectual implements sustainable investment solutions based on sustainable return – its objective, verifiable, ...

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Frankfurt, 21 March 2023

SABIC has joined the Value Balancing Alliance

SABIC joins the Value Balancing Alliance, which is advancing a methodology for measuring the value that companies provide to society, the economy, and the environment....

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Frankfurt, 27 February 2023

Value Balancing Alliance – a journey to build a new language for corporate impact

In today’s ever-changing world, businesses are facing new, non-financial challenges related to the environment, society and upholding human rights. Changing weather patterns increasingly damage business properties. ...

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Frankfurt, 10 January 2023

Value Balancing Alliance and International Foundation for Valuing Impacts announce partnership

The Value Balancing Alliance (VBA) and International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI) fully believe that Impact Measurement Valuation (IMV), which means measuring and monetizing business impacts, significantly improves transparency about how companies create value – for all stakeholders. ...

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Frankfurt, 17 November 2022

Beyond Just Climate - A Holistic Approach For Systemic Evaluation Of Sustainability Performance And Transformation

Value Balancing Alliances’ Contribution to NAFMII’s Financial Market Research Journal About VBA:The Value Balancing Alliance’s objectives are to create a global impact measurement and valuation (IMV) approach for monetizing and disclosing positive and negative impacts of corporate activity. ...

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Boston, 14 July 2022

International Foundation for Valuing Impacts Holds Inaugural Board Meeting

Newly Created Organization a Spinoff from the Impact-Weighted Accounts Project at Harvard Business School The newly formed International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI), a spinoff from the Impact-Weighted Accounts (IWA) project at Harvard Business School, ...

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Frankfurt, 02 May 2022

Value Balancing Alliance and WifOR Joint Statement

Business decision making is currently undergoing a significant transformation around the world. Stakeholder demands are growing exponentially, and economic systems are being transformed from a financial growth creation paradigm to one centered around total value creation - in terms of social. ...

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Frankfurt, 25 April 2022

Value Balancing Alliance & Harvard Business School Announcement

Announcement: Striving for Integration Value Balancing Alliance (VBA) and the Impact-Weighted Accounts Project at Harvard Business School (HBS IWA) have announced their collaboration designed to harmonize methodologies on impact accounting. ...

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Frankfurt, 16 March 2022

GIST and VBA Joint Statement

Forging new expectations towards measuring corporate performance GIST and the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA) are pleased to announce that they have agreed to work together with the shared aim to help companies and investment professionals measure corporate performance across four key dimensions of impact: natural,...

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Frankfurt, 23 November 2021

Harvard Business School Impact-Weighted Accounts and Value Balancing Alliance Joint Statement

Societies, economies, and business models are in a fundamental transition towards greatersustainability and equity. To support and drive the transition, regulators, financial market actors, and corporates need robust and tailored information about the performance of companies.Today, ...

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Frankfurt, 03 November 2021

Financial Centre Frankfurt to be one of the key locations of the International Sustainability Standards Board

Frankfurt’s application awarded key functions for the new International Sustainability Standards Board, which will develop future standards for global sustainability disclosures for financial markets: Frankfurt will be seat of the Board and also host the office of the chair. ...

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Frankfurt, 25 October 2021

Open Letter on Sustainability Reporting to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union

This statement is signed by 56 organisations representing over EUR 8.5 trillion in assets and employing over 5 million people. It is released with the support and coordination of the European Round Table for Industry, the Value Balancing Alliance, ...

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Frankfurt, 22 October 2021

UNCTAD names winners of ISAR Honours 2021

The ISAR awards have grown from strength to strength, with nearly 150nominated for the awards by organizations from 40 countriesrepresenting six geographical regions, since they were launched in2018. Richard Bolwijn, head of UNCTAD’s investment research branch, at the ISARHonours 2021 ceremony....

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Frankfurt, 02 September 2021

Finanzplatz Frankfurt applies to become headquarter of the International Sustainability Standards Board, Value Balancing Alliance is part of application consortium

Frankfurt am Main, 2. September 2021 – Der Finanzplatz Frankfurt bewirbt sich um den Sitz des International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). ...

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Frankfurt, 15 July 2021

Joint Statement on Advancements in Value Accounting Network

The purpose of the Value Accounting Network is to advance the role of value accounting in decision-making, governance, and disclosure. To achieve this the members of the Value Accounting Network, collaborate and build consistency in what value accounting is, and how it is applied....

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Frankfurt, 11 June 2021

Rethinking Capital and Value Balancing Alliance - Joint Statement

The business environment has fundamentally changed. The paradigm of pure economicgrowth, financial success and shareholder value is outdated, and intangible assets havereplaced tangible assets as today's engine of value creation. To create long-term value,...

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Frankfurt, 12 May 2021

New sustainability measurement methodology developed by the Value Balancing Alliance successfully tested for the first time

New sustainability measurement methodology developed by the Value Balancing Alliance successfully tested for the first time Frankfurt. The Value Balancing Alliance announces results from its first piloting, cooperates with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and welcomes four new members. ...

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Frankfurt, 09 April 2021

World Economic Forum and Value Balancing Alliance - Joint Statement

It has become increasingly clear that businesses can no longer be assessed purely on financial metrics . New methods that consider the wider economic, ...

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Frankfurt, 08 October 2020

Christian Heller becomes a member of the European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance

The European Commission announced Christian Heller, CEO of Value Balancing Alliance, as a member of the Platform on Sustainable Finance. This platform of 57 experts will advise the European Commission on the implementation of the Taxonomy Regulation. ...

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Frankfurt, 21 September 2020

BMW, Kering and Schaeffler join the Value Balancing Alliance

Support for the Value Balancing Alliance continues to grow: the BMW Group, Kering Group and Schaeffler Group bring the number of major international companies involved to twelve. Christian Heller, CEO of the Value Balancing Alliance: “With our new partners, ...

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Frankfurt, 28 February 2020

The Value Balancing Alliance’s contribution to the EU Green Deal

The EU is providing the Value Balancing Alliance with financial support to develop a first set of generally accepted accounting principles and guidelines regarding environmental impacts for businessOver the next three years, ...

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