22 July 2021

GLOBE Capital Q&A: The Future of Accounting—Making the True Value of Business Comparable

GUEST CONTENT: The world is undergoing a paradigm shift from profit maximization to value optimization. To deliver long-term value, companies need to manage potentially conflicting targets and trade-offs. Companies are reporting not just on financial returns, ...

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Frankfurt, 15 July 2021

Eine neue Rechnungslegung für die nachhaltige Steuerung von Unternehmen

Wie können Unternehmen ihren nachhaltigen Wertbeitrag effektiv erfassen – und damit auch dem Finanzmarkt die entscheidenden Parameter für die Zukunft liefern? Christian Heller, Vorsitzender der Value Balancing Alliance, erklärt in seinem Standpunkt, ...

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Frankfurt, 29 June 2021

How people and the environment are finally part of the balance sheet

Comment: Luka Mucic of SAP explains how the Value Balancing Alliance, whose members include BMW, Bosch, Michelin, SAP and Porsche, and the Big Four accounting firms, has cracked the code of putting a price on nonfinancial impactsAs risks for the environment, ...

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Frankfurt, 12 May 2021

New sustainability measurement methodology developed by the Value Balancing Alliance successfully tested for the first time

New sustainability measurement methodology developed by the Value Balancing Alliance successfully tested for the first time Frankfurt. The Value Balancing Alliance announces results from its first piloting, cooperates with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and welcomes four new members. ...

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Frankfurt, 08 October 2020

Christian Heller becomes a member of the European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance

The European Commission announced Christian Heller, CEO of Value Balancing Alliance, as a member of the Platform on Sustainable Finance. This platform of 57 experts will advise the European Commission on the implementation of the Taxonomy Regulation. ...

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Frankfurt, 21 September 2020

BMW, Kering and Schaeffler join the Value Balancing Alliance

Support for the Value Balancing Alliance continues to grow: the BMW Group, Kering Group and Schaeffler Group bring the number of major international companies involved to twelve. Christian Heller, CEO of the Value Balancing Alliance: “With our new partners, ...

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Frankfurt, 28 February 2020

The Value Balancing Alliance’s contribution to the EU Green Deal

The EU is providing the Value Balancing Alliance with financial support to develop a first set of generally accepted accounting principles and guidelines regarding environmental impacts for businessOver the next three years, ...

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